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Anne-Katrin Grube (VdUe) Language Services Provider was founded in 1997, initially focusing on technical and business translations in English and German.

After years of experience, using knowledge and gradually improving skills, the business expanded to provide translations in a variety of languages and other fields.

Understanding the needs of clients is key to delivering an effective service. Anne-Katrin Grube (VdUe) Language Services Provider implements standards and applies quality guidelines - an essential requirement to cater for these needs. 

Director and Team

Anne-Katrin Grube

  • Professionally trained in:
    Commerce (ICC certified, Constance Baden-Wuerttemberg),
    Languages (state accredited, Heidelberg Baden-Wuerttemberg),
    Medicine (candidate for examination by public medical officer, Leipzig Saxony)
  • Officially sworn and certified translator for the English language (Higher Regional Court Schleswig-Holstein)
  • Member of the German VdUe e.V. (association of German speaking translators of literary and scientific works)
  • More than 25 years of professional translation experience

A vast network of specialist translators covers a variety of languages and specialist fields. Many years of cooperation guarantee client-tailored and quality translation services.

Anne-Katrin Grube has an extensive experience in translating text relating to the following specialist fields:

  • Medical
    Specializing in: medical legal issues, internal medicine, laser medicine, medicinal plants, naturopathy, traditional medicine
    Documents: medical and hospital reports, medical certificates, medical correspondence, clinical trials, drug registration, medical journal articles, summary of product characteristics, patient information leaflets, study protocols, toxicity testing, toxicology reports, medicine, biomedicine, medical technology and closely related areas

  • Technical
    Specializing in: laser technology, naval architecture (shipbuilding), plant construction, recycling, real estate and housing construction, architecture, building services
    Documents: instructions, user manuals, brochures and closely related areas

  • Business and Legal
    Documents: contracts, correspondence, official documents and closely related areas

  • Literature
    - specializing in: light novels, literature for children and young people, crime thrillers, illustrated books, travel literature
    Non-fiction - specializing in: horticulture, cookbooks, cultural history, travel guides (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe), naturopathy, medicinal herbs, traditional medicine

Please enquire for a free quote.
Prices for translations depend on text volume, level of difficulty and various other factors (text format, legibility, required research, delivery status).
To obtain a quote, submit the documents that need to be translated.

Privacy protection
Your data will be protected according to applicable law. Your data will not be sold or shared with any third party. Documents not required or processed will be destroyed immediately by secure means. All other documents will be kept for as long as legally required and then destroyed by secure means.

To obtain a quote, please use the form below and outline your request as clearly as possible. You can also contact me directly (English spoken):

Postal details:   Anne-Katrin Grube (VdUe)
                        Language Services Provider
                        Von-Eitzen-Weg 10
                        D - 21614 Buxtehude
Phone:             +49 (0) 4161 513508
Email:              info@ankagru.de

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